At Richard Webb Cutting horses our aim is to introduce people into the cutting horse industry at a level they are comfortable with.

To ride and understand the exhilarating feeling of horses moving freely underneath you can be very exciting and some times a daunting experience.

That is why we spend time going through all the processes on how a horse works a cow, why it moves when it does with out any direction from the rider, simply acting on its instincts to the cows movements.

We will take you through step by step from start to finish to help you become one with the horse, to enjoy a feeling we believe cannot be experienced in any other horse discipline.

At Richard Webb Cutting Horse we take pride in the fact that we have introduced many people into the cutting industry, all whom have achieved from just great enjoyment to National Champions.

Lessons are conducted on our home property situated near Cootamundra in Southern NSW. We do group lessons or personal lessons to suit your needs. Accommodation can be pre arranged and horse accommodation can be taken care of on the property. Please don't hesitate to contact us for your future need. Go to the photo gallery to view some the facilites.

To learn more about the sport of Cutting Richard recommends that you visit the Australain Natiaonl Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) website were they provide a great overview of the what the Cutting Horse sport is all about (tip scroll to the bottom).