The Cutting Horse has been in my blood for the past 20 years. Spending time in the USA on the Rodeo Circuit I saw the cutting horse in action many times. The cow sense and athletic ability drew my attention so much I had to explore more. Returning to the USA I spent time with leading horse trainers teaching me the basics of training these great athletes.

I find these days totally absorbed not only in training cutting horses but helping people to ride and enjoy this sport.

Seeing people achieve and grow in confidence with their horses is a great feeling of accomplishment. Riding a cutting horse is an experience anybody can have and one you will never forget.

I show horses up and down the east coast of Australia promoting clients horses, stallions etc. Shows take us from as far as Mackay in Nth Qld to the Southern Peninsula in Vic.Our Non Professional team enjoys great success, as they travel to many of the shows with us. Enjoying the cutting horse world as much as we do. Feel free to come and explore the greatest feeling you can have, riding cutting horses.