Outdoor Arena

“Fort Webb” Outdoor Arena

Our outdoor arena (Fort Webb or the coliseum as it has also been described) has been the focus of our horse training and clinics over the past 15 years until the undercover “Bottletree Arena Performance Centre” was completed this year.

Fort Webb is a very uniquely structured round pen made from recycled railway sleepers. Its size of 70 meters in diameter gives it great latitude to accommodate a large group of people and cattle in a clinic situation without people, horses or cattle feeling enclosed, crammed or uncomfortable.

The sand surface and drainage has been a specifically designed feature to enable the arena to handle all weather conditions and still be safe and workable. The specially built viewing area sits above the arena allowing onlookers and fence sitters a birds-eye view of the horses, clinics and to take photographs or videos.

The general use for the outdoor arena will cover most of the same requirements of the Bottle Tree arena in normal good weather conditions.

These include Cutting, Reining and Western Pleasure, Team Cattle sports like Sorting and Penning plus all other Western or English performance events.

Portable arenas can be erected within the perimeter to adjust sizes to suit most disciplines.

We are now looking at starting competitions such as small course camp drafting with a designed cut out camp incorporated on the outside into the edge of the round pen. With the camp area included we are hoping this will allow enough room to have events such as barrel racing and team roping which need more space than the Bottle Tree indoor arena allows.

We are open to all inquiries for any events that we can adapt our arenas to, any committees, any animal disciplines and will strive to accommodate all.

To enhance our arenas we have set out a camping area with 20 water outlets giving people plenty of room to set up portable and taped yards all within a very safe confine close to both arenas.

We also have a catering service available if people or committees wish to run their own functions on our property.

We are very happy to offer this facility and make it available to people within the Southern NSW area and hope people can enjoy it as much as we are.