Horse Training Lessons

Richard Webb Cutting Horses has been in business for over 25 years. The business has been situated at Illabo in southern NSW for the last 17 years.

In this time we have established a cutting horse training business specifically training and showing horses for the public. These horses are successfully shown all over the eastern states of Australia throughout the course of the year. Added to the horse training we also teach people how to ride and show their own horses and in most cases this includes the owners traveling and showing in a team environment which creates a great deal of fun and inclusion.

Richard Webb Cutting Horses also has an extensive breeding programme with their own band of broodmares and cutting horse sires with progeny going on to be trained and offered for sale as our Sires and For Sale page demonstrates.

We also breed cow working dogs and have both Border Collie’s with bloodlines that trace back to Scotland and Tasmanian Smithfield’s. When pups are available they are also on our For Sale page.

Although our business was initially set up around the cutting horse industry we have, over the last few years, branched out in many other areas of the horse world and are very busy now holding clinics here on the property and all over the country. The clinics we run cater for people desperately looking to improve their horsemanship skills and learn more about the art of working cattle. The clinics introduce you to and enhance your confidence to positively step up and enter the world or cow events such as two handed cutting, camp drafting and team penning and sorting.

At Richard Webb Cutting Horses we also offer private one on one or group lessons to help you with your horsemanship including working the mechanical cow and live cow work tailored to suit your stage and maintaining a level that you feel comfortable with.

I must say at this point there are a couple of major requirements we demand for people attending our clinics!!
#1. That everyone must feel very safe in the environment
#2. That they are having heaps of fun enjoying their horse

If we achieve these two requirements our teaching will take care of the rest.

We are very lucky to have our clinic coordinator Josette Hussey running all bookings and inquires to all events surrounding Richard Webb Cutting Horses.

Josette’s details can be found in the contacts page of this website.

We look forward to hearing from you.